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Phil Ross is the “Dr. Phil” of the employment industry, according to Paul Hawkinson, publisher of the nationally acclaimed Fordyce Letter.

Phil Ross consistently cuts through individual difficulties and helps out-of-work people land jobs.  Phil’s prescription is simple: The person who is prepared for the interview also communicates comfortably, creates a rapport, and establishes a productive dialogue. Phil cares deeply for every single participant and helps anyone to be fully prepared.

Thirty years ago Phil Ross found himself unemployed, with employers telling him he was “overqualified, over-priced, and over-age.” Three decades later he successfully helps job seekers land the jobs of their choice. He knows the secrets for landing a job because he has placed 50,000 people and has served as director of the second-largest employment company west of Chicago (VIP).

Phil is an employment troubleshooter, having trained thousands of hiring authorities and the star headhunters of the employment industry. For dozens of companies like Disney or Hewlett Packard, Phil has been the consultant to go to with difficult problems like employee retention. He is now focused on helping people get their ideal jobs.  He teaches a life skill that even the most elite universities do not offer. He puts his gifts to work in motivating people as they have never been motivated before. He says that his approach works because he cares deeply for each person, and he has the methods and insider secrets to help everyone conquer their fear and land a job.

A national and international keynote speaker, Phil Ross has appeared before major franchised sales corporations, manufacturing companies, service companies, and every level of meeting of the employment industry—local, state, and national.  Phil has made over two thousand presentations internationally. He has been a top speaker in the American Banking Association Speakers‘ Bureau and a leader in the recruiting industry. He has spoken extensively for Sales Marketing Executives. In 1983 he conducted an extensive tour, helping Vietnam Veterans through their leadership program. Phil has produced forty-four hours of audiotapes and one six-hour and one eight-hour set of videotapes for the employment profession. These have become the number-one selling tapes for the industry. He is the recipient of more than one hundred awards.

Responses to Phil’s Training and Knowledge:

“I start my new career next week — I landed a very good marketing position. The session I attended six weeks ago helped me turn the corner in confidence and positioning.” — Mark Taylor, June 2004

“Guess what?? Phil’s diagnosis and advice work: I got the interview I wanted after receiving one of those nice reject letters, reading it, and realizing that the recruiter didn’t know what the hiring manager was actually looking for. Following Phil’s advice and mentoring, I didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I’m now headed for my second interview on Wednesday.” — Job seeker with his first interview in a year, June 2004

“My students were treated to one of the finest motivational lectures I have witnessed. A sincere thanks. Your work represents an outstanding service to the community.” — William A. Cohen, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Marketing, California State University, Los Angeles

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